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DTS officers a wide range of design. From mechanical, software and electrical. The following are just a few of the design services offered:

. Mechanical: AutoCad, Catia, SolidWorks, Inventor and Fusion 360

1. 3D CAD modelling

2. Design of jigs, fixtures for tooling and assembly lines of various sizes.

3. Custom parts

4. Injection molding

5. Body in White.

. Electrical: E-Plan


Process Simulation

DTS engineers have experience in the following OEM robotic software packages. Some of the packages DTS has a plan of training its engineers on for certification, however, hands on experience and exposure to commissioning robotic systems in the Automotive and FMCG industries allows our engineers to quickly transition into a new platform once trained.

1. Roboguide : Fanuc

2. K-ROSET : Kawasaki

3. MotoSim : Yaskawa Motorman

4. RobotStudio : ABB

5. WorkVisual, SimPro, OfficeLite: KUKA

6. 3D Factory floor design and integration: Visual Components


Controls and Instrumentation

Controls and Instrumentation Our Engineers and technicians have vast experience in control systems within Automotive and FMCG industries. The following are examples of software packages and OEM PLC equipment that our personnel has previous experience and exposure to:

TIA S7 – 300/1200/1500 : Siemens

TwinCAT : Bechoff

RSLogix : Allen Bradley


Technical Support

DTS has skilled technicians with years of experience in the manufacturing environment. With DTS being in the automation environment, especially commissioning newly and custom build solutions on behalf and in partnership with our customers, DTS is always open to being part of the after sales support.

DTS has technicians that can be on call for the various systems that they were part of bringing up or even old systems. Our philosophy at DTS is that none of our technical staff is above getting their hands dirty, whether is stripping down robots, tracing electrical wires and tracing paint lines. All our engineers and technicians ought to be competent and able to work within all the levels of process, software and as technicians.

With the above in consideration, at DTS we categorize our technical support into the following categories:

. Electrical Technicians and Engineers

. Mechanical Technicians and Engineers

. Process Technicians and Engineers

. Software Engineers


Project Engineering and Management

DTS engineers collectively have many years of experience in project engineering and project management from inception to commissioning and final buy off. Though DTS may work with project management companies on projects based on customer requirements and preferences, DTS engineers are well equipped and with adequate experience in managing projects of various sizes and client liaison.