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Dynamic Technical Systems (DTS) is a new South African based engineering solutions house with its footing in the Automotive and FMCG Industries. As the name says it all, DTS is a dynamic company with a lot of young blood who are competent, trained, experienced and always looking into innovative solutions to engineering problems our customers face.

At DTS, we believe in providing skilled personnel to our customers, this means that when feedback is provided, we ensure that our people skills are up to date and get trained in emerging technologies.

The core of DTS business is Engineering Design, with a focus on Process Engineering and Automation of systems using robotics and PLC technology.

DTS personnel is also skilled in mechanical design and manufacture, hence offering a full design solution. Not only is DTS a design house, they have many years of experience in systems commissioning as well as production/field support thereafter.

DTS is a 100% Black Owned company but core in their values and beliefs is equal opportunity employment whilst not neglecting their responsibility in uplifting previously disadvantages communities especially in the South African context.


To provide technical solutions to our customers in manufacturing and business. The focus of these technical solutions is to minimize waste, increase efficiency and help engineer practical solutions from a wide set of proven solutions.



To be an opportunity provider for young engineers in South Africa and Africa. To join the leaders in the Automation industry and become the go to house for skilled personnel in process simulation in mechanical, electrical, robotics and semi to fully automated systems. 

DTS seeks to find the skills, make sure that the people are trained further even if with experience and provide the skills to industry whilst making sure the design house grows and people are trained inhouse.